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Nanjing is located in the Ugandan capital Kampala downtown area, adjacent to the Ugandan embassy district Keluo Luo Shan, Chinese Embassy and 2 minutes' drive from from Entebbe Airport is a 50-minute drive from Lake Victoria, Gaddafi Mosque, Buganda Uganda palace and other famous attractions 20-30 minutes. Beautiful environment, convenient transportation, is your best choice in Ukraine for business and tourism.
Days Hotel Nanjing Tang Group denounced Uganda over ten million dollars to build a set of dining, accommodation, travel, conference center, health treatments, KTV in one of the high-quality business hotel.
Nanjing The hotel has 25 elegant combination of Chinese elements and modern designed rooms and suites. They are fitted with large-size LCD TV, safe, comfortable seating, wireless Internet access and a spacious work desk and other modern multi-functional facilities, all rooms have private bathroom. According to the different needs of the guests of the hotel, equipped with the "business rooms", "luxury suites" and other characteristics of room. Rooftop specifically for the tenant build the Hanging Gardens, overlooking the most beautiful scenery in Uganda, the tenant is a small business meetings, chat and dating couples party choice.
Nanjing Hotel & Restaurant in Uganda up to 9 years of development has become the first brand of Chinese food of Uganda. Restaurant advocating green, ecology, environmental protection, zero hall, a garden restaurant and VIP rooms can accommodate 350 people dining services including high-end business banquets, corporate annual meetings, graduation banquets and private banquets and other diverse dining experience. The hotel hired domestic advanced team of chefs presenting around fine Chinese cuisine, so living overseas you to appreciate the sense of exposure of his hometown.
Chinese medicine therapy clubhouse distinguished and elegant environment, in particular the deployment of aromatic oils allows you to completely relax in the quiet contend privacy. Attentive professional chiropractor, combining the best of traditional Chinese nursing remove your weary, whole body create a feeling.
In order to create business, leisure and entertainment as one of the top luxury KTV clubs, to build Uganda's first super 5-star entertainment clubs. It completely changed the impression in the public mind Uganda entertainment, and provide you with a "green, safe, healthy, happy, fashion," the consumer space, so you can always experience high-quality music and enjoy a casual setting. Here you can not only ease the pressure, you can also swim in the beautiful melody at the same time, taste fresh and delicious selection of international drinks and snacks, so you dripping Hi overnight.
In addition, Nanjing China's largest travel agency in Uganda Uganda renowned supermarkets and tourism located on the 1st, so you really appreciate food, housing, transportation, shopping, entertainment, one-stop service. Staying at home can enjoy the experience in the country are not supreme service.
Excellent location created a Nanjing hotel's unique cultural heritage, providing an important communication platform for Confucian elites, the achievements of the international exchange Humanities field China business, to create an international model of "Confucian elite sink" is our responsibility and ideals.

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